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I’m Phil Klein, a professor of computer science at Brown University. In this blog, I will discuss elementary linear algebra and its application to problems in computer science. This blog is aimed at people who have taken my course or read my book, both titled Coding the Matrix. You can join the mailing list to be informed about future offerings of the course, new editions of the book, or new resources for playing with matrices.

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Dear Professor

    I just started watching your lectures two days back. Was just blown by your enthusiasm for Linear algebra & Matrices. Am on the 3rd lecture now and just wanted to express how thankful I am for your effort.

    I run a startup in Bangalore and have asked my team to go through your course. Wish you good luck and positive karma!


  2. I took your course though Coursera and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was the most challenging course I’ve taken, and also the most rewarding. I also have a copy of your book, and intend to take any further courses based on it when offered.

    Thank you for a rewarding experience, and for making this blog to keep me inspired!


  3. Hi I have just finished you ‘Code the matrix’ course on Coursera, and I have been inspired and eagerly waiting for part 2. Your examples were a real eye opener, having a pure math background I never thought about the applications of vectors!!!

    I am now inspired to translate what I have done in python to a functional language.

    Since I am new to programming, which functional language would you recommend?


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